Noah Mogaka

Actor. Singer. Writer.


We live our lives day by day as the world begins to shift and change in various manners. 

But as the world changes, what happens to our sense of self?

Who do we become? 

I think about this daily because I change daily. 

Change is hard, but it is always beneficial. 

Change unveils the potential that is out there and the possibilities that can come from it. 

It opens doors and sometimes closes them. 

But, we can choose to grow from this.

There are many people who are stuck in their cocoon. 

Stuck in ways and thinking that have no relevance in the time we are living in.

There are days that I retreat into my cocoon to protect myself from the realities change will bring. 

But, the days in which I shed my cocoon and fly are beautiful. 

I learn.

I grow. 

I love

I listen. 

I empathize. 

I live. 

Sometimes we forget that we were given life to LIVE. 

And when change is implemented, it only fuels our fire to live deeper, stronger, and happier. 

The struggles and hardships we face are all lessons to learn and grow from. 

But amongst all of this change, there is still normalcy and peace.

The sun will still rise and set. 

Birds still chirp. 

Waves still crash. 

Wind still blows. 

Life still goes on. 

It takes breaking open the cocoon of

Negativity, doubt, anxiety, hate, and self-loathing.

So you can truly be free.

Shades of Grey

We tend to view things as either black or white.

Wrong or right. Good or bad.

But, what about the shades of grey that fall in between?

Thoughts or feelings that may not lean towards one side or the other.

Many feel grey quite often.

Shades of grey.

The variations of grey shift, constantly fluctuating.

Systemically, black and white function in a stagnant state.

They view grey as ugly, unwanted, intimidating.

Grey is where questions arise.

Things change.

People change.

And there is absolutely no wrong or right.

Difference creates confusion.

Confusion feels uncomfortable.

But, grey is beautiful.

When I see grey, I see something interesting.


Unlike black or white, grey holds positive and negative qualities of both.

The various shades depict unique aspects of both black and white.

Some use grey for personal advantage.

They fetishize it and exploit its unique qualities.

There is a world in which we are all various shades of grey.

A plethora of different shades that do not match each other, whatsoever.

This world feels distant and far, but it is not.

It’s out there, tangible as ever.

The only thing left to discover is:

Which shade would you like to be?